Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The law is a jealous gooomah

Cute post from Larry Bodine about what lawyers can learn from The Sopranos about marketing:

  • You must keep revenue going up. If you stand still, you'll lose clients through attrition and the boss will cut your points
  • You must develop new business as a team, because nobody succeeds without a crew. You need a capo, soldiers and associates.
  • Remember to say "thank you" to your referral sources and allies. Everybody likes a little gabagool, and it doesn't hurt to give them a taste to begin with.
  • A meal is an excellent place to conduct business. Think of all the times Tony would mangia on manigot while discussing this thing of ours.
  • Don't be shy about keeping clients satisfied. Your competitors consider your clients as their target revenue sources, and will make them an offer they can't refuse.

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